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Day 6: Mweka Camp (3100m) to Mweka Gate (1980m) to Moshi!

As I awoke on the morning following Summit Day, I felt refreshed. After descending from 19000+ feet, the air at just under 10,000 feet asl felt like sea level. The Fall-like temperatures felt as if I were in the Cayman Islands or Key West again with Sueyoung.

After breakfast, I tipped my guide and porters, and they showed their appreciation with a rousing rendition of the "Kilimanjaro Song."

Afterwards, it was a pleasant three hour hike back down through the Rainforest to the Park Gate. The temperature increased quite a bit as descended down the mountain.

I was excited to see the parking lot in the distance.

And then the sign which officially ended the trek.

At the Park exit, I received my official summit certificate.

Thankfully, the exit to the park was much closer to Moshi than the entrance. So I only had to watch/listen to the Nigerian pop music DVD a couple of times.

When I got back to Moshi, I treated myself to the nicest hotel in the city. After a long shower, I dined on a pizza dish at the hotel restaurant .. and drank a couple of Kilimanjaro beers.

They only cost about $1.50 each!

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