May 23, 2017

After all the plane rides, bus rides, and administrative attending to, it was finally time to hike! 

Each morning on Kili, I was awoken (though I never did sleep much) at 7 AM by my waiter, Everett. He would bring some coffee and "water for washing" -- a bowl of lukewarm water with some soap in it. 

Breakfast consisted of eggs, toast and porridge. Once I was ready for the day, I would set out with Joy to the next camps...

April 27, 2017

Seek Medical Attention Immediately If You Are Experiencing Some Or All Of The Symptoms Listed Under Warning Signs/Symptoms.

If you begin to experience symptoms of a ruptured aneurysm, CALL 911. We do not encourage you to allow a family member to take you in a private vehicle to the hospital. This is a high stress situation that may require the paramedics to execute lifesaving procedures in the emergency vehicle. Patients who pr...

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