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Day 2 - Mt. Mkubwa (Big tree) camp (2750m) to Shira 2 Camp (3840m)

After all the plane rides, bus rides, and administrative attending to, it was finally time to hike!

Each morning on Kili, I was awoken (though I never did sleep much) at 7 AM by my waiter, Everett. He would bring some coffee and "water for washing" -- a bowl of lukewarm water with some soap in it.

Breakfast consisted of eggs, toast and porridge. Once I was ready for the day, I would set out with Joy to the next campsite, while the porters would remain behind to dismantle the campsite. With all the gear in tow (I would carry just by day pack), they would soon pass us and have the next campsite set up prior to our arrival.

After about one hour from camp, Joy and I made it to the top of the rain forest and tree line, as we entered the Moorland vegetation zone.

After abut two hours, we made it to Shira 1 camp for lunch -- a sandwich, a piece of fruit and some crackers.

We were now at almost 12,000 feet above seal level! After lunch, we continued to make our way through the moorlands.

The temperature would fluctuate with the sunlight and winds.

The skies were cloudy for much of the trip, but it never rained. I did see some amazing cloud formations, and it was so cool when the clouds would flow right through me.

After a long day, we finally made it to Shira 2 at 12,600 feet above sea level.

As the sun set, the temperature fell, and the winds accelerated.

I could now see the Kili's Western face and its glaciers.

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